Bare Witness (2002)


Director: Kelley Cauthen
Stars: Angie Everhart, Catalina Larranaga, Daniel Baldwin, Evan MacKenzie, Mark Sivertsen, Lauren Reina, Ed Bernard, Kathleen Kinmont, Robert McRay, Angela Sargeant, Joe Costanza, Don Short, Laura Rogers, Willie Gault, Jeffrey Gorman

Description: A beautiful Angie Everhart and handsome Daniel Baldwin ignite a four-alarm fire of passion, heat and uncontrollable desire in the intoxicating world of pornography and prostitution. A videotaped encounter between a hired killer and a beautiful call girl inadvertently links a prominent member of the business community tothe planned assassination of a high-ranking politician. Also starring the talented Catalina Larranaga featuring some of the steamiest love scenes you’ve ever seen – get ready to Bare Witness to the hottest, sexiest erotic thriller

Also Known As: A szexi szemtanú , La verdad al desnudo , Testimone nudo
Duration: 01:24:56
Country: USA
Language: English
Size: 698 Mb


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