Belle da morire 2 (2005)


Director: Bruno Mattei (as Pierre Le Blanc)
Stars: Katherine Moss, Paul Jackson, Anthony Fontaine

Description: louise and ‘an ambitious model. taken by an agency that promises an easy career, of course to make their way to cultivate types of important knowledge and with her friend Marta begins to attend very wealthy, but also entangled in little business clean. louise in spite of himself he remains involved and their further vicissitudes met bruce, a classy man, suffered body love at first sight. bruce but ‘is actually’ a smuggler and a blackmailer and uses poor louise for detecting a mafia organization that e ‘in hot pursuit. but the woman, strong of its charm, having fallen into a trap…

Duration: 01:33:44
Country: Italy | IMDB
Language: Italian
Size: 801 Mb

Dvdrip | 640×368 | mkv

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