Beyond Erotica (1974)


Director: José María Forqué
Stars: David Hemmings, Alida Valli and Francisco Rabal

Description: A 25-30-year old Hacienda-owner (David Hemmings) is misbehaving on women due to his traumatic youth; his mother (Alida Valli) covers him for his sadistic actions; however, when he wants the daughter of the mansion supervisor to serve for him, things seem to get totally out of hand. He ‘tames’ her, but when ‘tamed’ and finally married, the young woman (Andrea Rau) soon becomes the dominating person in the family.

Also Known As: No es nada, mamá, sólo un juego, Lola, Spielball der Lust, It’s Nothing Bad, Mama, It’s Only a Game
Duration: 01:26:32
Country: Spain | Venezuela
Language: English
Size: 897 Mb


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