Bikini Hoe Down (1997)


Director: Fred Olen Ray
Stars: Griffin Drew, Shayna Ryan, Ashlie Rhey, Maureen Flaherty, Gregory S. O’Rourke, Hoke Howell, Chip Holman, Robert Donavan, Tom Ferguson, Carl Lamb, Peter Spellos, Rick Montana, Dan Golden, Barak Schurr, Paul Bogh

Description: The Three Seasons Bikini Team (April, May & June) leave on a cross-country tour, but June sabotages the trip. They and the photographer end up in Pig Hollow, where Missy Sue is desperately looking for the deed to Ghost Gulch (where she lives with Pappy and Jeb). The evil Senator wants to find the deed first, so he can sell the land to the government for dumping nuclear waste. The girls end up giving their first ever topless show to raise the money to pay off the fake IRS bill produced by the Senator.

Also Known As: Bögyös macák a szellemtanyán , Бикини на село
Duration: 01:26:25
Country: USA
Language: English
Size: 896 Mb


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