Bikini Summer (1991)


Director: Robert Veze
Stars: Melinda Armstrong, David Millbern, Kelli Konop

Description: A group of friends are hired to redecorate a beach house while the elderly owners are out of town for the summer. Redecorating is the last thing on their minds, and a wild bikini filled summer is had by all. An imposter-photographer, a bikini designer, an all girl metal-band, and the token environmentalist all join forces in staging a riotous Bikini Contest… much to the consternation of the local D.A., and her loyal cadre of policemen.

Also Known As: Bikini Party , Malibu Moon , Miss Bikini
Duration: 01:26:11
Country: USA | IMDB
Language: English
Size: 1.26 Gb

Dvdrip | 640×480 | mp4

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