Business for Pleasure (1997)


Director: Rafael Eisenman
Stars: Caron Bernstein, Gary Stretch, Joanna Pacula, Jeroen Krabbé, Barbara McEly, Anita Eberwein, Dennis J. Kozeluh, Mien Huang, Virág Kiss, Pia Baresch, Hermann Schmid, Natascha Tagunoff, Herbert Moulton

Description: In a last ditch attempt to save her business a women agrees to meet her clients request for her to bring two prostitutes to his hotel room, When only one prostitute turns up she finds herself being drawn into her clients sex games, which in turn awakens desires she has kept hidden deep inside herself.

Also Known As: Business & plaisir , Geschäft mit der Lust , Jugando con el diablo
Duration: 01:32:21
Country: USA
Language: English
Size: 1.10 Gb


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