Butterscotch: Over Berlin (1997)


Director: Philip Halprin
Stars: Jennifer Burton, Anton Jarvis, Leslie Olivan, Janine Stillo

Description: The Second World War ended. Longing for love, the three sisters, Dominique French, Jacqueline and Lucinda were waiting for the men to return from the front. But an unexpected gift to the sisters fell from the sky: the girls did not know that the bag lying at their barn, was thrown from the plane, and when they untied him, they found the bag … man! Laundering of handsome white flour and gray dust sisters could not believe their eyes: a stranger literally disappeared. Like melted. And when he told the girls that came to their era of the 1990s, they could not believe their ears. Then Norman Parent, the invisible man, began his story …

Also Known As: Smell invisible: Sexual dossier
Duration: 01:25:58
Country: USA
Language: Spanish
Size: 873 Mb


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