Caged Heat 3000 (1995)


Director: Aaron Osborne
Stars: Lisa Boyle, Kena Land, Zaneta Polard

Description: It’s the year 3000 AD. The world’s most dangerous women are banished to a remote asteroid 45 million light years from earth. Kira Murphy doesn’t belong; wrongfully accused of a crime she did not commit, she’s thrown in this interplanetary prison and left to her own defenses. But Kira’s a fighter, and soon she finds herself in the middle of a female gang war; where everyone wants a piece of the action… and a piece of her! “Caged Heat 3000” takes the Women-in-Prison genre to a whole new level… and a whole new galaxy!

Also Known As: Grades Violentas
Duration: 01:26:12
Country: USA | IMDB
Language: English
Size: 1016 Mb

Dvdrip | 720×480 | mkv

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