Crime and Passion (1999)


Director: Gary Dean Orona
Stars: Lauren Hays, Nikki Fritz, Murphy Lynch, Charlie Paulson, Gary Dean Orona, Wally Waggert, Walerie Bird, LoriDawn Messuri, Steve Carpenter, Linda O’Neil, Kimberlee Maddux, Darrin Price, Brad Bartram, Debra, Darrell Dupras

Description: Fritz and Lori Dawn Messuri kidnap Hays, who is actually grateful at breaking free of her hateful & incestuous gangster dad, Hit man Brad Bartram is sent to retrieve Hays, and much of the film concerns the double crossing and changing alliances among the three girls plus Brad. Lesbian trysts are the main event.

Duration: 01:27:08
Country: USA
Language: English
Size: 699 Mb


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