Das Wirtshaus der sundigen Tochter (1978)

Das Wirtshaus der sundigen Tochter

Director: Walter Boos
Stars: Gina Janssen, Dagobert Walter, Claus Richt, Dorle Buchner, Eva Gross, Kalle Mollmann, Peter Linow, Robert Seidl, Jacques Herlin, Claus Sasse, Rainer Hauselmayer, Minja Vojvodic, Gaby Mayser

Description: This is in all but name yet another remake of ‘Kohlhiesels Tochter’ – albeit as a (soft) sex film. It was probably inevitable that Hanns Kraly’s comedy play of the two o-so-different twin girls would eventually be exploited for soft porn purposes (and a year later even for hard porn), after all the story revolves around the messy courtships of the title heroines.

Also Known As: Auberge des p├ęcheresses, L’auberge des petites polissonnes, Love sensation, De herberg der vurige deernen
Duration: 01:22:10
Country: Germany
Language: German
Size: 1.46 Gb


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