Der Kuss Meiner Schwester (2000)


Director: Dror Zahavi
Starring: Florian Heiden, Alexandra Schalaudek, August Zirner, Christian Wunderlich, Friederike Wagner, Vanessa Jung, Stefan Born, Ulrike Arnold, Thomas Czerniejewski, Ursula Gottwald, Barbara Lanz

Description: Attractive young siblings Mattis and Mieke just can’t resist the temptation of the taboo lust they have for one another, and they make little effort to do so. Instead, they hug, kiss, and flirt openly, causing everyone around them to do double-takes when they witness Mattis and Mieke’s bizarre brother-sister act. Things quickly go from huggy-kissy, to touchy-feely, to full-blown incestuous sex, as those around Mattis and Mieke become increasingly suspicious of the desirous duo’s relationship. As if Mattis’s love life wasn’t unusual enough, his male friend Felix wants Mattis to give him the same thing he’s giving to Mieke’! As you may have already guessed, Mattis and Mieke’s unnatural escapades are eventually discovered (Dad walks in on them mid-nookie; how awkward!), and they must then deal with the consequences. German uber-babe Alexandra Schalaudek plays Mieke and displays her rockin’ bod in several nude scenes. She has great chemistry with her co-star Florian Heiden, who plays brother Mattis. Wonder if they’re related in real life!

Also Known As: Kissing My Sister, The Kiss Of My Sister
Country: Germany
Genre: Drama
Duration: 01;30;21
Languages: German

Video: HDTVRip, RMVB, RV40 AVC (H.264), 800×592, 740 kb/s
Audio: AAC, 2 ch, 96 kb/s
Size: 483 MB


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