Diva futura (1989)


Director: Ilona Staller, Arduino Sacco
Stars: Moana Pozzi, Petra Scharbach, Baby Pozzi, Malu, Hula, Eva Orlowsky, Lucio Rosato, Rik Battaglia

Description: A group of sensuous women publish “DIVA FUTURA” – a magazine to promote unrestrained sex, pleasure and happiness (that sounds a lot like Ilona Staller’s political campaign platform when she was elected to the Italian congress). But they find themselves persecuted by the owner of a condom factory and his thugs.

Also Known As: Diva Futura – L’avventura dell’amore, Le regine dell’amore proibito, La aventura del amor
Duration: 01:24:49
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Size: 691 Mb


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