Fuga scabrosamente pericolosa (1985)

fuga scabrosamente pericolosa

Director: Nello Rossati
Stars: Rodrigo Obregón, Eleonora Vallone, Franky Linero, Roberto Reyes, Humberto Arango, Sergio Arevalo

Description: 1951 -th year , Colombia. Manuel makes a daring escape from a camp for political prisoners . He manages to escape to the estate of the local landowner , a descendant of the Spanish conquerors , and grab his daughter hostage . Together with the girl he commits a rough passage through the jungle and the desert mountains to the Peruvian border . During this time between him and the girl tied strange relationship hate / love , the conflict between the two extremes, which will peak in the moment when an unwitting companions to part . But the proud successor of the conquistadors never accept the fact that it has become a toy in the hands of others …

Also Known As: Fuga… die Schöne und der Gesetzlose, Erotic Escape, The Escape
Duration: 01:25:32
Country: Italy | IMDB
Language: Italian
Size: 1.55 Gb

Vhsrip | 608×368 | mkv

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