Hans Staden (1999)

Hans Staden

Director: Luís Alberto Pereira
Stars: Carlos Evelyn, Ariana Messias, Darci Figueiredo

Description: Based on the real-life ordeal of a youthful German held captive for nine months by the Tupinamba Indians, this crisis opens in 1550, when its titular protagonist (Carlos Evelyn) has just finished his journey to Brazil in the midst of Portuguese colonization. After his runaway black colored servant is brutally murdered, Staden is captured by a tribe of naked, painted cannibals just who are opponents of the colonizers. Although he initially views his captors as little more than godless Staden, savages fights and hunts with them, and he sooner or later develops a very good hookup with one (Ariana Messias). Utilizing Staden’s published records of his knowledge, the film blends historical objectivity with regard for the Tupinambas, whoever tradition the protagonist comes to appreciate.

On the eve of his return to Europe after an extended involuntary stay in 16th-century Brazil, the German sailor Hans Staden is captured by a hostile cannibal Indian tribe. In order to survive he tries to convince the Indians that he is not Portuguese (their enemies) but a friend of the French (their allies), and that his God would be very angry if they were to eat him.

Also Known As: Hans Staden – Lá Vem Nossa Comida Pulando
Duration: 01:30:52
Country: Brazil, Portugal | IMDB
Language: German, Portugese, Tupi | Subtitles: English
Size: 596 Mb


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