Loveblind (2000)


Director: C.B. Harding
Stars: Bobby Johnston, Eric Acsell, Catalina Martone

Description: When Chani, a beautiful model, joins a group of friends sharing a Malibu estate, inhibitions are quickly set aside. Chani has a body to die for, but it’s her limitless desire to explore forbidden pleasures that her hosts find irresistible. Sarah has an attractive fiancé, but late-night skinny-dipping with Chani opens a new world of possibilities to her. Nick loves Sarah, but can he resist the new girl? Matt, a professional photographer, isn’t about to even try. Chani wants to be shot in the nude and what happens from there is simply unavoidable.

Also Known As: Aveuglantes , Amore al buio
Duration: 01:39:47
Country: USA | IMDB
Language: English
Size: 800 Mb


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