Marianne’s Temptations (1973)


Director: Francis Leroi
Stars: Rosa Fumetto, Bob Asklöf, Bernard Tixier

Description: This is the story of innocent Marianne works in a ski resort high in the French alps. One night she agrees to go on a date with Bob, a young guy on vacation. Bob excites her in ways that her oafish boyfriend never could. On a whim, Marianne decides to follow Bob back to Paris. At first he is annoyed by the persistent demands of his unwanted guest. Then he hits on a plan to make money from Marianne’s naivety by using her as bait to attract rich clients whom he will then black-mail. However, Marianne is not quite as innocent as Bob thinks.

Also Known As: Les tentations de Marianne , Le tentazioni di Cristina , Privat-Club für intime Spiele
Duration: 01:29:12
Country: France | IMDB
Language: English
Size: 1.22 Gb

Dvdrip | 698×520 | mkv

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