Marriage Is a Crazy Thing (2002)

Marriage Is a Crazy Thing

Director: Yu Ha
Stars: Park Cho-hyeon, Kim Seong-hwan-I, Joo In-cheol

Description: Joon-Young (Kam Woo-Sung) goes on a blind date after serving as the best man at a friend’s wedding. Joon-Young is happy being single. He meets Yeon-Hee (Uhm Jung-Hwa), who works as a lighting designer. Yeon-Hee is searching for the right guy to marry. Unfortunately, Joon-Young doesn’t fit her criteria. Nevertheless, they are both attracted to each other. After talking frankly and drinking, the couple go to a motel room. Can their relationship last?

Also Known As: Gyeolhoneun michinjishida (결혼은, 미친 짓이다) , Kekkon wa kyôki no sata
Duration: 01:46:19
Country: South Korea | IMDB
Language: Korean | Subtitles: English
Size: 2.89 Gb


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