Naked Fairy Tales (2002)


Director: Ernest G. Sauer
Stars: Marilyn Chambers, Veronica Hart, Nicholas W. Taylor, Veronica Foxx, Tina Marie

Description: If you liked fairy tales, you’re going to love them even more now because four classic stories have been given a modern re-telling that is strictly for adults. See Pinnochio, Snow White, Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood as you’ve never seen or heard them before – with plenty of kinky encounters and erotic action that would make the Brothers Grimm blush. They may be pure and innocent young women in print, but in Naughty Fairy Tales, Cinderella, Snow White and Little Red are brought to life as luscious, hot-blooded beauties craving endless pleasure and sensual satisfaction. And just wait till you see what Pinnochio has up his sleeve. There’s no “moral” to these sexy, uncensored and unbelievable tales, just “immoral!”

Also Known As: Marilyn Chambers’ Naked Fairy Tales , Cuentos de hadas al desnudo
Duration: 00:53:39
Country: USA
Language: English
Size: 579 Mb

Dvdrip | 640×480 | mkv

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