Carnal Candidate Political Kink (2012) DVDRip

Genre: Erotic
Directed by: Robert Blossom
Starring: Syren, Ryan Michael Oman, Erika Jordan, Danny Mountain

About the film: Erotic movie called “Carnal Candidate Political Kink”

Country: United States
Duration: 1:18:15
Translation: no (English language)

Format: AVI (XviD)
Quality: DVDRip
Video: 1200 kb / s, 560×384
Audio: MP3, 120 kb / s (2 ch)
Size: 700 MB

Ero Shogun to 21-nin no Aisyou (1972) DVDRip

Genre: Erotic, Drama
Director: Norifumi Suzuki
Cast: Reiko Ike, Yayoi Watanabe, Miki Sugimoto, Emi Shiro, Yoko Mihara

About the film: The action takes place in the late 18th century in Japan, during the reign of the 10th and the 11th shogun of the Tokugawa dynasty. 1773. The house Hitotsubashi Harudzumi, lords of the shogun’s inner circle, a son named Toyota. According to ancient legends, a boy born during a solar eclipse, has become the owner of an extraordinary luxury. Around the same time a poor peasant family in the province of Echigo is born another child named Kakuske. It takes fourteen and a half years, and the fate of extremely similar in appearance and quite dissimilar from the slope and temperament and Toyota Kakuske intersect the most wonderful way to Edo. Both will know the love and power, becoming a pawn in the game of powerful ministers shogunate and their struggle for influence in the country.

Issued: Japan
Duration: 1:31:30
Translation: Subtitles (Russian)

Format: AVI (XviD)
Quality: DVDRip
Video: 1875 kb / s, 720×304
Audio: MP3, 128 kb / s (2 ch)
Size: 1,22 GB

Agüenta, Coração (1984)

About the Movie: The relationship among three friendly couples turns upside down when two of the men get a job on TV. Their girlfriends leave them, looking for more action in their lives.

Release year: 1984
Duration: 99 Min
Direction: Reginaldo Farias
Screenplay: Reginaldo Farias
Cast: Reginaldo Faria, Christiane Torloni, Osmar Prado, Cristina Aché, Jorge Botelho, Gilda Guilhon, Milton Moraes, Alvaro Freire, Lady Francisco, Irma Álvarez, Raul Cortez, Mila Moreira, Marcus Vinícius, José Augusto Branco, Roberto Bataglin
Genre: Drama
Language: Portuguese

Die munteren Sexspiele unserer Nachbarn (1978) DVDRip

Genre: Erotic, Comedy
Directed by: Rudolf Krause
Cast: Petra Abstein, Anita Andic, Günther Brack, Vittorio Casagrande, Johanna Ebertseder, Eric Falk, Paul Glawion, Sepp Gneissl

About the film:
What do the bored housewives who live in an empty residential area, while their wives work … they are fun! And what do their husbands … are not far behind!

Issued: Germany (FRG)
Duration: 1:14:33
Translation: the original (DE)

Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Video: DivX 5 704×528 25fps 1199kbps
Audio: MP3 48000Hz stereo 112kbps
Size: 704 MB

Office pisawat (2011)

File info:
Title: Office pisawat
Street Date: 2011
Category: Erotic Drama
Duration: 01;26;40
Country: Thailand
Languages: Thai
Director: Phongsakon Chubua
Starring: Cherry Samkhok, Rinlada Matchakua

Every time On gets a new secretary, his jealous wife always manage to get rid of them. He is lusting for his newest secretary and the wife is planning to get her kidnapped.

Video: DVDRip, MP4, H.264, 672×384, 1231 kb/s
Audio: AAC, 2 ch, 128 kb/s
Size: 763 MB

Tag und Nacht (2010) DVDRip

Information about the film
Title: Day and Night
Original title: Tag und Nacht
Released: 2010
Genre: Drama, Erotic
Directed by: Sabine Derflinger
Starring: Anna Rot, Magdalena Kronschläger, Philipp Hochmair, Martina Spitzer, Adrian Topol, Adrian Topol, Manuel Rubey

About the film:
Matter-of-fact look at the lives of two young women who consider prostitution as something of an adventure, while the reality is not showing them her true identity.
At first, everything seemed pretty simple and even fun. Two girls, a childhood friend, who came to study in Vienna, Leah (Anna Roth) and Hannah (Magdalena Kronshleger), jokingly decided to test himself in a new reality – prostitution, or as it is now fashionable to call it, to provide escort services. Tried for a reason, and in order to earn money to pay for their studies. The heroine of the film “Day & Night” believed that all of them under control, and it is possible, having collected the required amount, to step back, returning to a normal life. However, everything turned out all wrong. The truth was far more banal and tragic.

Issued: Austria
Duration: 1:36:21
Translation: the original (German)

Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Video: Xvid 640×336 25fps 1917kbp
Audio: MP3 48000Hz stereo 122kbps
Size: 1,38 GB

Visions of Yoga (2005) DVDRip

Genre: Erotica, Naturism, Gymnastics
Directed by: Charles MacFarland
Cast: nude gymnasts

About the film: The girls in the nude do yoga at home and on the road.

Issued: Australia “Synetech Video”
Duration: 1:25:58
Translation: None (English language)

Format: AVI (XviD)
Quality: DVDRip
Video: 2225 kb / s, 512×384
Audio: AC3, 256 kb / s (2 ch)
Size: 1,37 GB

Emmanuelle in Soho (1981) DVDRip

Information about the film
Title: Emmanuelle in Soho
Original title: Emmanuelle in Soho
Year: 1981
Genre: Erotic, Comedy
Directed by: David Hughes
Starring: Angie Quick, Julie Lee, John M. East, Kevin Fraser, Timothy Blackstone, Geraldine Hooper

About the film:
Emmanuel lives in London, where almost all of erotica available. Her friend decides to act nude in the show to help her husband pay the bills …

Issued: United Kingdom
Duration: 1:05:05
Translation: the original (English)

Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Video: Xvid 696×512 25fps 1399kbps
Audio: MP3 48000Hz stereo 160kbps
Size: 732 MB

Bikini a Go Go (2004) DVDRip

Genre: Erotic
Directed by: Fred Olen Ray
Starring: Beverly Lynne, Stacy Berk, Jay Richardson, Cailey Taylor, Danny Pape, Nikki Fritz

About the film: Brad, manager beach shop, falls in love with Janet, but it seems that it is too strict and inaccessible. But once in the store appears Brad ancient amulet, which, as it turns out, is capable of unexpected ways to influence people …

Country: United States
Duration: 1:15:55
Translation: None (English language)

Format: AVI (XviD)
Quality: DVDRip
Video: 1340 kb / s, 576×432
Audio: MP3, 256 kb / s (2 ch)
Size: 745 MB

Sex Files: Ancient Desires (2000) DVDRip

Information about the film:
Title: Sex Files: Ancient desires
Original title: Sex Files: Ancient Desires
Year: 2000
Genre: Erotica, Fantasy, Romance
Directed by: Clinton J. Williams / Clinton J. Williams
Starring: Gabriella Hall / Gabriella Hall, Amber Newman / Amber Newman, Regina Russell / Regina Russell, Drew Griffin / Griffin Drew, Jenna Bodnar / Jenna Bodnar, Zoe Paul / Zoe Paul, Daniel Anderson / Daniel Anderson, Steve Curtis / Steve Curtis

About the film:
During the lecture, the archaeologist George Reno, a university professor and a great expert in the sexual life of the Indians, the Incas, the audience appears strange woman. George has not the strength to resist her charms, he is engaged in sex with her, and then she promises him a new meeting and lecture by Professor ischezaet.Posle know that no woman at all was not in the audience … However, the promised meeting with the stranger really happened – when George Reno, went on an expedition into the heart of the South American jungle, found in the impenetrable jungle of the tomb, and in it – a sarcophagus with the mummy of Queen Inca …

Country: United States
Duration: 1:26:43
Translation: Professional (Polyphony)

Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Video: 720×480 29.97fps 2199 Kbps
Audio: 44100Hz mono 192kbp
Size: 1.45 GB

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