Passion and Romance Ocean of Dreams (1997)

Ocean of Dreams

Director: Divida Rendlog
Stars: Charlene Blaine, Wesley O’Brian, Jody Frank

Description: The ocean awaits you … take a cruise to romance, desire, and passion. A time to rekindle old flames, and to a light new ones. Join Melinda and her friends as they discover new encounters, and voyage into their deepest desires. Passion runs deep in the Ocean of Dreams.

Is about a husband and wife’s attempt to rekindle some fire and passion back into their marriage. They decide to take a cruise, the classic last attempt for many desperate couples. While we see the couple slowly fall apart, the movie flashes back to how they met and fell in love. She was a nurse on a hospital ship in the Vietnam War and he was a wounded pilot. Her memories of their past love keep her hopes alive as her husband mopes around the ship. She decides to throw the jealousy card down to see if he takes the bait. Will their love survive the cruise? Every sex scene is accompanied by ghastly music. Songs with such lyrics as: “I love you so much, I want to hold you forever” etc. One scene has a guy dreaming about being a caveman with two nurses and the song starts up, “I’m a caveman baby..a Romantic skin flick

Also Known As: Carnal Cruise, Ocean of Dreams, Passion et romance – Un océan de rêves, Ozean der Träume
Duration: 01:26:56
Country: USA | IMDB
Language: English
Size: 702 Mb


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