Presencias Season 1 (2015)


Director: Luis Sens
Stars: Deborah Poza, Celina Sandoval Celina AKA Naarah, Avril Pilot, Celeste González, Alejandra Rohr, Carla Belle, Romi Rodriguez, Silvina Mazuk, Sofia Novello and Yamila Gabarro

Description: A newlywed marriage reaches its new home, a mansion that holds many mysteries. It is an inspiring home where he lived a famous artist, famous for his parties. In the not too distant past, rooms paraded female and male beauties which were seduced by addiction to sex and lust. Even today that spirit and erotic atmosphere can be felt at home.
The couple will begin to perceive these presences and apparitions of women and men who share the mansion.
Far from the fear that can produce appearances, they will discover the charms of contact they end up finding the perfect combination between living in peace and harmony and enrich your sex life.

Duration: 10 x 25mins
Country: USA
Size: 10 x 280 Mb ~ 400 Mb


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