Restless Souls (1998)


Director: Debra Black
Stars: Jeff Davis, Ravanelle Richardson, Geno Buick

Description: Newlyweds spend the night at a haunted mansion, having had car trouble. When the wife disappears, the husband’s rich father sends a team of parapsychologists to get the wife back. Except for the leader, each of the team has a special power… Dr. Donna Hemming is a telekinetic, Anthony Leeds can see things by touching objects, and Heather Siris is sexually irresistible to both the dead and the living. They soon discover a Civil War general has made a pact with the devil, if he can only find a virgin for the devil to procreate with.

Also Known As: Sex Files: Restless Souls, The Sex Files – File 2: Restless Souls , Les Ames damnées
Duration: 01:27:02
Country: USA
Language: English
Size: 1.21 Gb


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