Scandal Body of Love (2000)

Scandal Body of Love

Director: Peter Diamond
Stars: Jason Schnuit, Amber Newman, Nichole O’Connell, Michelle von Flotow, Robert Donavan, Jarod Carey, Tony Piano, Zoe Paul, Anthony Skordi, Danny Pape, David Usher, Marine Soimaud, Gina Ryder, Chloe

Description: Young handsome millionaire marries former prostitute. During lovemaking happy husband dies after drinking before this heart pills. Wife accused of murder, but the lawyer ably proves that she is not to blame, and the case is closed. But everything is so simple in fact, as it seems? Not behind this apparent simplicity of some terrible secret?

Also Known As: Body of Love , Escândalo: Por Amor , Intriga Sensual , Botrányok: Az áldozat
Duration: 01:23:37
Country: USA
Language: English Subtitles: English
Size: 1.24 Gb


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