Scandal On the Other Side (1999)


Director: Fred Olen Ray
Stars: Brad Bartram, Amber Newman, Nancy O’Brien, Michelle von Flotow, Brandy Davis, Griffin Drew, Jesse Coleman, Steve Curtis, Shyra Deland, Jarod Carey, Samantha Phillips, David Christensen, Robert Donavan, Burke Morgan, Johnny Quaid

Description: “On the Other Side” is a sleazy tabloid show hosted by the sardonic and nymphomaniac Scott. Every week, the show covers different behind-the-scenes scandals from popular sitcoms, aided by a seedy papparazzi crew that makes amateur porn movies with a professional touch by videotaping the sexual antics of the show’s subject. As Scott gets more and more obsessed with the sexual details of his guests’ on-the-set infidelity, a warped menage’a trois scandal surfaces between a trio of actors who portray the mother, father, and daughter on a popular TV show.

Also Known As: Botrányok: A képernyő másik oldalán , Escândalo: Do Outro Lado , Escándalo: Intimidad al descubierto
Duration: 01:21:38
Country: USA
Language: English Subtitles: English
Size: 1.21 Gb


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