Schoolgirl report 7 (1974)


Director: Ernst Hofbauer
Stars: Alfred Acktun, Puppa Armbruster, Hans Bergmann

Description: A bunch of lovely teenage schoolgirls work at a secret brothel where they have sex with high paying older men. After the girls all get arrested for prostitution, several of them discuss how they wound up working at said brothel…

Also Known As: Schulmädchen-Report 7. Teil – Doch das Herz muß dabei sein , El sexo que viene , Lucifer’s Angels , Mathitries 7: Erotikes ataxies mathitrion , Teenage Playmates , Thranio No 7: Erotikes ataxies koritsion
Duration: 01:28:47
Country: Germany | IMDB
Language: German
Size: 800 Mb

Dvdrip | 576×352 | mkv

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