Sexy Movie (2003)


Director: Lane Shefter Bishop
Stars: Amber Ambrose, Dawn Arellano, Belinda Gavin, Kelly Couch, Mary Carey, Nicole Glen, G. Alan Harris, Curt Jamieson, Darron Johnson, Kaylynn, Katie Lohmann, Billy Maddox, Axel Montgomery, Jonathon van Erik

Description: Scott is always bouncing from one get-rich-quick scheme to the next, while his roommate, Jay, is trying to break into the film business. Every month is a struggle to pay the rent, that is, until Jay lands a job working on an adult film. When Scott realizes how much money can be made, he convinces Jay that they should make an adult film of their own. Casting is the first order of business, and soon there is a revolving door of beautiful women waiting to see them. They are having the time of their lives until a shady film producer decides to eliminate the competition – literally. Maybe easy money isn’t so easy after all!

Also Known As: Um Filme Sexy
Duration: 01:38:11
Country: USA
Language: Spanish
Size: 699 MB


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