Sinfonia Erotica (1980)


Director: Jesus Franco
Stars: Lina Romay, Susan Hemingway, Armando Borges, Mel Rodrigo, Aida Gouveia, George Santos, Albino Graziani, Fernando Pereira

Description: A nobleman and his two lovers – a teenage boy and a runaway nun – plan to kill his mentally fragile wife.
Young rich wife, the Countess Martin de Brissak, returned to her estate from the hospital for the insane, and finds, rather learns, from the maid, that her husband does not want to see her. Her husband Armand is busy by a mysterious young man – curly angel named Flor. And the servant brought to her attention, that men have sex together. Then these two men found in the woods a young girl and lead her into the house. Other characters – the doctor who oversees the wife and companion, who for her loyalty paid with her life. And around Martina are many things – Armand persuades his wife’s maid pour food poison companion discovers the plot. Flor and the girl out of the forest fall in love …

Also Known As: Symphonie érotique
Duration: 01:20:34
Country: Spain | Portugal
Language: Spanish Subtitles: English
Size: 1.02 Gb


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