Spermula (1976)


Director: Charles Mutton
Cast: Dayle Haddon, Udo Kier, Francois Dunoyer, Benny Luke

Description: I think many people remember the cult film Glory Tsukkermena “Liquid Sky” – a stylish tale about loneliness, aliens, and the nightmarish prospect of sex without love. However, the French, as always – surpassed the Americans as much as six years old, but still – how! This combination of complete nonsense and an enchanting atmosphere, style and eroticism – go and find in modern cinema. In short, this is what distinguishes the French arthouse cinema 70s. The plot of the movie little importance, but – for the sake of: America in the 30’s there was a closed society that promotes free sex without love, after sessions which people started to have unusual abilities. In 1937 it ceased to exist, and only somewhere in the 70’s again appeared in Europe. No one suspected it – creatures from a dying planet, who brought to earth dry sperm to continue its kind …

Also Known As: L’amour est un fleuve en Russie, Spermula, a Vampira de Homens
Duration: 103mins
Country: France
Language: French
Size: 1.66 Gb


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