Swinging Wives (1971)


Director: Ernst Hofbauer
Stars: Astrid Frank, Eva Garden, Karin Götz

Description: Sex comedy about lonely housewives and their activities while the husband is away. It’s a series of vignettes connected by documentary-style interviews with people on the street. The eroticism relies completely on nudity, not altogether different from British sex comedies of the era.

Posted English and and little longer German Dvdrip Both Grab as u like.

Also Known As: Der neue heiße Sex-Report – Was Männer nicht für möglich halten , The New Hot Report: What Men Don’t Think Is Possible
Duration: 01:22:44 , 01:32:28
Country: Germany | IMDB
Language: English and German
Size: 1.04 Gb , 994 Mb

Dvdrip | 704×480 | mkv | English

Dvdrip | 700×450 | mkv | German

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