Taste (2014)

Taste 2014

Director: Kyeong Seok-ho
Stars: Jeong Hyeon-woo, Yoo Da-eun, Hee Jeong, Lee Eun-mi-I

Description: Myeong-tae (Jeong Hyeon-woo) was a hot shot in a stock firm who had everything from looks to a hot body but was fired for a mistake he made and is neglected by his hot shot wife (Yoo Da-eun). The women in the neighborhood who are always at home for different reasons, start looking out for him. Monin (Hee-jeong) the innocent one, Avante with 9 tails, Sportage (KIm Ji-seon) and mysterious Genesis (Jeong So-yeong). Myeong-tae can’t get over the taste of having an affair with them and gets busy…

Also Known As: 맛 (Mas)
Duration: 01:36:46
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Size: 2.49 Gb


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