The Cruel History of Prisoners (1976)


Director: Shinya Yamamoto
Stars: Yûko Akane, Risa Aoki, Yuki Minami

Description: Three short stories dealing with extreme punishment towards promiscuous women. The first story takes place during the Meiji Period (1868-1912). A general comes home from war only to find his daughter having an affair with some young lad. She must be punished! So they stick some bamboo rod in her. Second story is about a farmer who comes home from work to find his wife doing it with a priest. So he takes the huge scissors he used for work and stabs her in the crotch. Repeatedly. The remaining stories concern an ukiyo-e artist’s exploits, a princess having her vagina torn apart by a bunch of horny ninjas and a female convict having her labia roasted during interrogation.

Also Known As: Zangyaku jokei-shi, History of Women’s Torture
Duration: 01:00:24
Country: Japan | IMDB
Language: Japanese Subtitles: English
Size: 757 Mb


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