The Profiteer (1974)


Director: Sergio Nasca
Stars: Valeria Moriconi, Al Cliver, Giancarlo Marinangeli

Description: By all accounts, this slick production aims at exposing the corruption of southern Italian Catholicism. A young seminarian who can’t be ordained because of a speech impediment leaves the seminary to take a job with a wealthy baroness’ crippled son. The seminarian is a lustful and mendacious rascal, but soon after taking the baroness to bed he heads off to Lourdes with the boy, ostensibly in hope of a miracle for the lad. Instead, he seduces a very devout woman who is visiting the site with her grandmother, who dies. This is just the main story.

Also Known As: Il saprofita , Le profiteur
Duration: 01:33:20
Country: Italy | IMDB
Language: Italian
Size: 807 Mb

Dvdrip | 608×336 | mkv

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