The Return of Indiana Joan (1989)

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Director: Vince Benedetti
Stars: Aurora , Damien Cashmere , Peter Lawrence , Porsche Lynn , Rene Morgan , David Morris , Randy Paul , Rick Savage , Stormi , Martin Taylor

Description: Indiana Joan (Porsche Lynn), back for another adventure, is in the middle of getting desk-banged by Rick Savage when she’s beamed up by a passing space ship (huh?) — for more sex. Then David Morris tells Melissa Murray, that Indiana needs him to go on a treasure hunt whereupon he starts groping for Murray’s lost grail. So far, the sex scenes are coming as frequent and non-stop as UHF-TV movie commercials. Then, bingo, Morris and Lynn are in Egypt (presumably), and drop into a temple — literally — where everyone dresses like Phyllis Diller. Captured, Lynn sucks her way to escape through a bunch of Eddie Murphy-clone temple guards. Lynn evidently needed the money to do this one; make it Joan’s last crusade. Nice packaging.

Also Known As: O Retorno de Indiana Joan
Duration: 01:30:06
Country: USA
Language: English
Size: 779 Mb


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