Thy Neighbor’s Wife (2001)


Director: Jim Wynorski
Stars: Kari Wuhrer , Jeff Trachta , Barbara Crampton , Melissa Stone , Seth Adam Jones , Jay Richardson , Larry Poindexter , John Weller , Peggy Trentini , Melissa Brasselle , Michael Cavanaugh , Betheny Zolt , Nina Dafni , Bill Langlois Monroe

Description: When Ann’s husband Chris takes his own life after losing his Beverly Hills job, she vows revenge on the man who fired her husband and on the woman who got the vice presidency Chris wanted. Ann deals with the firm’s owner in a flash in a very quick and noisy ‘accident’, but she takes her time with the new V.P., Nicole Garrett, a diabetic with a rocky marriage to Scott, a lawyer who drinks too much and with two kids: Darla, a rebellious senior in high school who wants more freedom; and David, a son who’ll soon be visiting from college. The Garrett’s household also includes Karina, an Au pair. After murdering Karina and hiding the body, Ann charms her way into the Garrett household, as ‘Anna Johnson’ where she sets about widening the riff between Nicole and Scott, while encouraging the self-destructive Darla to go all the way with a prospective boyfriend, and seducing both Scott and the naive David. ‘Anna’ also slowly begins to poison Nicole by switching her insulin with a slow acting …

Also Known As: Poison, Midnight Vendetta, Vingança à Meia-Noite, Vendetta di mezzanotte, Midnight Vendetta
Duration: 01:32:25
Country: USA
Language: English
Size: 1.40 Gb

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