Ultimate Love Games (1998)

Ultimate Love Games

Director: Dave Tanaka
Stars: Lorissa McComas, Sage Kirkpatrick, Tim Holmes, Jason Kerwin, Marc Vasco, Mark Vasconcellos, Todd Fossey, Megan Atwater, Debbie Aaron, Michael Wayne, Christy Jaeger, Steven Boe, Rico Riconi, Chookie Sibuo, Tiffany Gonzáles

Description: The Devil gives a ouija-like board game to two couples, which lets them experience their sexual fantasies directly. One of the couples becomes additively ensnared, and it’s up to the other couple to free them before they become minions of the Devil.

Also Known As: Erotika paihnidia
Duration: 01:24:32
Country: USA
Language: English
Size: 700 Mb


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