Une femme fidele (1976)


Director: Roger Vadim
Stars: Sylvia Kristel, Nathalie Delon, Jon Finch

Description: Charles is wealthy, a French venture capitalist in the 1830s; he’s also an aristocratic assassin, prompting duels for political, monetary, and sexual gain. At his aunt’s, he meets Madame Mathilde LeRoi, a virtuous and beautiful woman, and he determines to seduce her. Along the way, his lust and game playing give way to love. One of his partners in crime and seduction, a decadent marquise, determines to break Mathilde’s spell over Charles, sending her a forged letter that begins a spiral of tragedy.

Also Known As: The Faithful Woman , Una femmina infedele , Game of Seduction , Sadik Bir Kadin
Duration: 01:28:35
Country: France | IMDB
Language: French
Size: 1.20 Gb

Dvdrip | 640×352 | mkv

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