Zorrita Passions Avenger (2000)


Director: Madison Monroe
Stars: Shauna O’Brien, Nancy O’Brien, Venessa Blair

Description: The virginal Bella has taken on a job as a maid for Lord Joffrey, who runs the small village where Bella and her mother live. Things quickly turn bad for Bella, however, as both Joffrey and his head maid treat her cruelly. Hope comes for the young woman when she discovers a book about the legend of Zorrita, a masked woman who would avenge injustices and seduce any man she wanted. Drawing inspiration from her fictional hero, Bella grabs a sword and a costume and sets out to start avenging and seducing.

Also Known As: Zorros kleine Schwester: Rache & Verführung
Duration: 01:23:18
Country: USA | IMDB
Language: English
Size: 1.15 Gb


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